Astrology Reading

Visit The Planet Mechanic For An Astrology Reading to Help Clarify Confusing Life Choices.

Are you faced with a choice that seems simple on the outside, but you simply cannot commit in either direction? If so you may benefit from an astrology reading. An astrological reading may help you clear up some of the hesitation or confusion you are dealing with when it comes to certain aspects of your life. It cannot replace your decision-making process but it may provide you with an extra element of information to make the process a bit simpler. Sousa Jefferson has traveled the world and studied astrology with people across the globe as well as at Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences and The University of Otago. She enjoys teaching and is particularly interested in the art of synastry which is the astrology of relationships. Her teaching, readings, and guidance may be just what you need to advance when you are on the precipice of change but unsure of which direction.

Astrological forecasting is a way to plan for your year ahead using the knowledge gleaned from studies of the sky, sky maps, and your own date of birth. Each person's path through life is highly unique and determined by free will. However understanding star maps and their effect on your day to day, month to month life may help you navigate the waters with a bit more clarity. You can schedule a personal meeting for an astrology reading and more detailed astrological forecasting to help you understand your future and even your past better. Astrological forecasting is not about an ethereal reading of the future, it is actually a mathematical and science-based ancient tradition that many people use.