Astrology Workshop

Take An Astrology Workshop With Sousa Jefferson, The Planet Mechanic.

Learn more about the patterns of life and our place in the universe with astrology classes. An astrology workshop can be just as fun as it is informative. Many people do not realize just how rooted the practice of astrology is in math and science. This ancient tradition has been used by wise people across generations and cultures for a very long time to navigate the way through the cosmos and daily life and to further understand the mystery of life.

Astrology classes are about opening your eyes to the simple things on a large scale and how it relates to your daily life and patterns on the planet. You will start with the basics like the names of the star signs, the angles and quadrants on a star map, where the monthly signs are in the sky, and what various symbols may mean. As with most things worth learning there are various levels of understanding and even a person who has studied and trained their whole life can learn new things. Start on your path to deeper understanding today with a class with the Planet Mechanic.

Subscribe to the Planet Mechanic email to learn about the monthly meeting of the Astrology Cafe where we gather to discuss particular issues, study star charts, enjoy company, and have a nice hour and a half. The exact dates and times are updated per meeting so follow the feed. You will quickly discover that there is so much to learn about yourself, your past patterns and the relation to the solar system, and your future. It is interesting to see how various elements in life make more sense when viewed through the lens of astrology. Schedule your reading soon to learn more.