Learn Astrology

The Planet Mechanic Can Help You On Your Path To Study and Effectively Learn Astrology in 2020.

Have you started noticing a pattern to your life that you cannot quite explain but feel like there is a natural explanation to it all if you only understood a little more? If so then you are ready to learn astrology to help you unpack these patterns and understand them in a way that may actually be applicable to your life. Your own intuition may be guiding you to learn more about the deep truths that are not hidden in the least but are also only available to those who seek them. You can seek them through your own education and study astrology with a professional or you can learn astrology through sessions where you receive guidance more than an education. Whichever way you want to start to delve into the field The Planet Mechanic is here to teach or guide your progress.

Even if you have not necessarily been noticing patterns, but you have always been interested in the practice you can study astrology to open your eyes and your mind to a whole new set of knowledge that you may have missed out on in school. You can take a class to study astrology with the Planet Mechanic or you can book a session to have your own reading, or you can do both. You can attend our monthly casual meetups where we have a guided discussion and refreshments, or you can browse the site and decide the method of learning about the topic that works best for you. We welcome beginners and professionals alike to learn more as you continue on your path through life and understanding.