Weekly Astrology Update 7 June 2020

Throughout 2020, Jupiter will stay right next to Pluto, aiding us to seek opportunities and find ways to branch out, despite adversity. Conservative, well-planned (Capricorn) prospects (Jupiter) are worth exploring (Pluto). This week, we continue riding a pulse of innovative ideas for security that started late in the month of May, as Mercury checks Uranus as it passes though Cancer. This coming week however, Mars races head first into a conjunction with Neptune. This is probematic for trying to progress things forward. Energy seems to dissipate, scatter, evaporate. There may be inspiration, but uncertainty around how to go about it. Practicality is questioned. It's a good combination for imagining a way forward and for creative pursuits in general, including advertising and promotional activites, but not necessarily a good time to act, launch or jump with two feet. If negotiation or cooperation is required, this could be tricky too with Mars in a loose square to Venus. So hold that thought for the next week! Keep the inspiration high. Generate ideas. Give things more time. Wrestle with it some more. By the end of this month, things should get clearer and start to come together.

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