Astrology Update July 12th: Mercury Direct, Head Down Bum Up

Mercury Direct. As our research, back-tracking, preparations and fact-finding endeavours come to some conclusions, we are still on a bit of a go-slow before the way is clear. What more is to be done? We should have the answers by now, and now we need to get on with these tasks. It's quite simple, head down, bum up. Get your ducks in a row. Don't duck and dive. Just keep swimming. It might take until the end of the month before we are truly ready to move forward on our ideas. Until then, remember to be kind (Mars is still square Mercury). If there's something you need, seek it out. There should be an air of cooperation and willingness to help each other this week. A few people may still be a bit entangled in conflict or other communication or contractual difficulties. If you need some guidane on this, re-read last weeks post. If you need something more, get in touch for a personal consultation.

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