Astrology Update July 26th: Mercury muses with Neptune

This week we get a break from the rattled headspace of the last couple of weeks. In contrast, we find ourselves feeling quite inspired. It's a great time to enjoy music, dance, poetry, visual arts - so plan something that engages the Muses. If your mind is stimulated to create, then take that motivation by the reigns and bring things forth, particularly on Wednesday. By Thursday, there is a grand fire trine in the sky - nice! If you are wanting to launch something you've been working on the last few weeks or months, this is the day. We've had some tricky skies this year and Thursday presents a moderately good alignment to work with. Get in touch if you want to astrologically time something of importance on this date. The only warning this week is to keep a frugal eye on funds and if you need to make a major purchase, just hold off and consider your options a bit longer. [Car is a 1959 Mercury Parklane Neptune]

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