Astrology Update July 5th 2020 - Mars Chiron Sq Mercury

Pluto and Jupiter meet for the second time of three occasions this year. As mentioned in previous posts, this conjunction has been present during historical pandemics. We may see a second wave of coronavirus activity, but the main brunt has passed and Saturn still has a birds-eye view to maintain a measure of governance and control, albeit a bit loosely. Whatever this alignment means to you in your personal chart (from 23 Capricorn), expect Monday to stir things up as the Moon emotes these honchos. This week Mars also sits next to Chiron and this is a good opportunity to pause and consider how you best assert yourself or approach confrontation. Some of you may be uncomfortable with this and others may need to tone it down. Whatever end of the spectrum you're on, think it through before you open your mouth. If there's no time for this and you're put on the spot, remember to at least take a belly breath to absorb the moment - and then let your truth leave your lips. You might want to skirt around the topic - don't do that. But, also cause no harm, including to yourself. Communicate with an intention to create an emotional connection and safety for all. Breakthroughs are possible despite the initial pent up energy. It might be simpler than you first think. Saturday is a hot spot for these events.

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