Happiness re-set

This week, Venus - the planet of love, values, money and happiness, has arrived in her hometown of Taurus. She's typically content here. But in these times, life isn't as simple as she prefers. Sigh.. The good news is, she has some speed about her as she moves away from the fires of the Sun. She might have some burns healing, but she now has the ability to really get down to what is important, and not feel stuck. She won't have time to rest as she usually does, coming home to Taurus Town. She will be less placid, less peaceful, less acquiescent. She is being asked to find the source of unhappiness and switch up her game in figuring out what is in the way of achieving it. Doing nothing will produce nothing. Experiment, especially toward the end of the week when she encounters Uranus. Keep your cool, keep your heart open and find the voice of love and happiness, or at least the words that speak of striving for this. By Sunday she squares Saturn and things could be a bit dry as you test things out. But it's a good day for working things through a new regime of awareness around what has been realised. Monday brings Mercury into the fold and ideas and communications become more eloquent and hopeful. By the Full Moon on Tuesday, a re-shuffling has occurred and it seems to be working. Illumination is upon us.

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