Mercury in the Heart of the Sun

This week, Mercury will enter the 'Heart of the Sun' [Sunday August 1st 5:15am to 11pm Monday August 2nd]. This is the 'superior conjunction' of Mercury to the Sun, giving it maximum speed and a very high level of energy. This narrow window of time brings opportunity to Mercurial objectives; idea generation, communications, writing, teaching, and intellectual pursuits and expression. If you've been working on something of this nature, make efforts to advance when Mercury is in the 'Heart of the Sun'.

Mercury and the Sun will also be opposite Saturn at this time. This will require you to exercise discipline, focus and concentration in order to gain maximum possible results. You may need to narrow your efforts and manage time. If you can do this, the intellect will be rewarded. Authorities of any description may feature in your efforts. Set yourself the tasks, and focus the mind to the job.

This event is a part of a bigger Mercury cycle that started around June 11th, when Mercury made its 'inferior conjunction' with the Sun, while retrograde. Ideas then were adjusted, reviewed, and may have been in a bit of a doldrum. But around June 23rd, an intellectual or communicative signal emerged, albeit a little low on vitality, seeking energy.

Since then, ideas and communications have gained traction, gathered momentum, and solidified around the 2nd of July. They then began to accelerate, arriving at an intense moment around July 19th.

Soon after, Mercury disappeared from view. We won't see Mercury again until August 18th. That's about a whole month of invisibility. Mercury's significations will be racing along still, actually at maximum possible speed, so keep going! From 19th July to 18th August however, your continued intellectual efforts may be operating in secrecy or somewhat hidden from view.

Around August 18th, there may be a second intensified intellectual or communicative moment. From here your objectives will be more visible and be able to come forth. They will continue to move along at a good pace, but gradually wind down toward the latter half of September, entering a closing phase.

Take a quick look at your chart and see what you have around 10 degrees of Leo. Also, check what aspects are made to this degree. If there are hot spots, this information will be particularly relevant to you this week.

If you'd like to know more, get in touch for a personal forecast reading.

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