Saturn Square Uranus meets Venus & Mars

If you're feeling ready to jump, but you aren't prepared, don't do it... yet. There's a restlessness in the sky right now, that wants to launch into a bold rush of creativity, leaving fear at the door. But this is equally matched by hesitation, low energy and a healthy dose of caution. You see the problem and you equally see the potential. Depending on how deeply you are committed to actions of the past, the desires of the future may be frustrated. Tasks might bind you. But then, as you are blowing ideas on a dampened fire, the flame appears. Your eyes widen, your heart smiles. Take good care of these moments and make the effort to nurture them, however you're able. Follow through with necessary practical steps, organisation, focus and commitment. Every bit counts. Meanwhile, what's that old saying? Don't throw the baby out with the paratrooper? Something like that, I think. Assess what is salvageable and maybe not all is lost. It's OK to slow things down and wait. Let things mature. Pack that parachute yourself and if you don't know how, figure out what you need; people, resources, intel, security? Look to the future, but do your homework. How can you create what you want while taking care of responsibilities? Solve that riddle. Do both. With time, you will find the launch pad. This energy has been around since January 2021 and remains for the rest of the year. Right now, it's triggered by Mars and Venus. Need a personal update on how these planets are aligned in your chart? Email: #saturnsquareuranus Photo Credit: 219214025 © United States Department Of Defense Visual Information Directorate |

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