Venus in Aries - Self vs. Others

Today Venus moves into Aries until April 16th. Venus likes comfort, beauty, bringing people together and creating peace and harmony. But we struggle to find these things when Venus makes her passage through Aries. We may instead find discontent, harshness, and feelings of isolation or self-absorption. Particularly around the 28th/29th, when Venus joins Chiron in the sky, we seek insight into whatever makes us unhappy. The well-spring of self-awareness holds the answers. Spend some time alone before you wish to confront others and be mindful of mirrors in the face of others. Is it really them? Or is your experience with them really a reflection of the same internal problem? Be honest, but don't be insensitive, or you may risk causing harm. Things steady around the 31st and prepare for forward movement around the 6th of April. This movement may be gathering information, initiating communications or aligning your intent with your actions. Around the 11th, things feel quite positive. You see what is possible, given the insight you have gained. Hold that feeling as you encounter some final challenges on the 12th that will test your resolve. This is right around the full moon in Libra which further highlights imbalances with Self versus Others. But this is especially true for the imbalances that are within that are to do with our relationship to Self. The New Moon arrives in the midnight hours (NZT) and its probably best that you sleep through this one. It could be tricky. Instead, awake to the New Moon on the 13th knowing that the passage through Aries is almost over and a new cycle is about to begin. For personal consultations, upcoming classes and workshops, get in touch by email

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