Weekly Astrology Update June 14 2020 - Mercury Retrograde

The event this week is the dreaded Mercury Retrograde, from June 18th to July 12th 2020! Yes, I know, people hear this and cringe. But let's see how to work this, because... what other option do we have? Let's think about what's been happening since the end of May with Mercury. It's been seeing some action with Mars and Uranus - a very stimulating time for ideas, connections, networking and communications - all things Mercurial but busy, motivated, creative and inventive. We could all use a bit of that in these times, don't you think? Well, good, because with the retrograde, Mercury will hold it's position with Uranus and extend this pulse through to the end of July. So, whatever you've been working on in the realm of ideas, expect some double/triple checking, fact-finding, adjustments, calculations and maybe even some old ideas being scooped up into the current stream of thought. So re-work that thing and re-work it again. Mercury likes threes. Try to see how you can move beyond yes or no, right or wrong, this way or that way and other forms of polarised thinking. Exercise some shrewdness and look up now and then to ponder the ultimate third that lies beyond the current decision-making rubric.

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