Weekly Astrology Update June 21 2020 - Venus Direct

The event this week is Venus moves out of retrograde and goes Direct. So unfurl those frown lines, because Venus loves a good smile. Sitting at 5 Gemini, as she prepares to gather some speed, her first stop is to check in with Saturn. This combination is a reality check around money, what is important to us and what we are prepared to do, or not do, with resources. A Saturnian influence with Venus could also mean a review of the economic stimulus or relief packages from any arm of the government or other institutions. Personally, we do whatever is necessary to put things in order to manage money for better or worse. Then, if there are Venusian negotiations or cooperation required, this becomes more favoured as we head off into July when Venus gets some help from Mars in its own sign, Aries. Wants and needs are better assessed and transactions free up accordingly. Socially people are more willing to engage with others, so plan to get together and dance, go skiing, or otherwise be physical with each other : )

There is also an Annular Solar Eclipse with the New Moon today around 6:40pm, not long after the Solstice at zero degrees of Cancer. This will not be visible from New Zealand. But check your charts to see what you have at that degree. If it makes contact with a point in your chart, expect things to be stirred up there and pay attention to the events relating to that point over the coming months.

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