Weekly Astrology Update June 28 2020 - Mars in Aries

Astro Update June 28th: This week Mars, the planet of action and self-assertion arrives in its own sign, Aries. This enables us to move unhindered and without complication. Now, sometimes freedom of movement can cause us to waste energy, but not this time. Our instincts are honed and Mars has long left its deluge of creativity without substance from the middle of the month. Mars instead will start its journey, like Venus last week, making an appointment with Saturn. Mixedin with our 'get-up-and-go' energy is a well-considered plan, a good dose of reality, and the right support if we seek this out. We are ready now to put ourselves to the task, work hard and make progress. Now, if you find yourself needing to engage in legalities, contracts and the like, see if you can wait until Mercury goes direct July 12th. If not, just make sure you triple check all the information and make no assumptions about it. If you need to re-negotiate, this should go well, so don't be backwards about coming forward. But do go backwards over the information before going forward.

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