Thoughts on COVID-19

A few people have asked me what the stars say about the Coronavirus Pandemic. My thoughts are as follows.

Astrologically speaking, 2020 was always going to be a year of significant global challenges of some description with two hefty planets, Pluto and Saturn, conjoined in the sky in January. We expected the early part of the year to produce a signature event with the symbolism of these two planets. The WHO first announced the emergence of the virus on January 1st 2020. By mid March, Mars and Jupiter also joined Saturn and Pluto, inflaming and growing the virus to pandemic proportions. By the time I am writing this, borders had closed and government controls around the world were in place.

When planets come together, much dynamism is produced. Pluto is associated with breakdown, destruction, things that cause deterioration, and crisis. Physically, Pluto is to do with disease, genetics, micro organisms, and elimination. Saturn is associated with government, land borders, laws, restrictions, isolation, the infirm, the aged, end of life, and crisis management. Physically, Saturn is the skeleton, inside which lives the immune system, and the skin and teeth. Jupiter is associated with large expansion, excess, abundance and exaggeration. Physically, Jupiter is associated with over extension and over indulgence. Mars is a militant planet, one that enforces the law or commands from above. Physically, it is associated with infection, inflammation, fever, virulence and violence. Capricorn is associated with social unification, rules, guidelines, controls, strategy, methodology, discipline, planning, and conscientiousness.

All of the symbolism above merges when these planets align together in the sky. Something is created that isn't possible when each is on their own. But still, within the merging, each planet wrestles for a position to maintain some sense of individuality. Some yield greater influence than others because of their respective comfort or discomfort in the sign of Capricorn. Of all of these planets, the one most likely to be successful is Saturn because it is in its own sign, Capricorn and soon it's second home sign, Aquarius. The Saturnian restrictions, border controls and methodologies of the governments is "voted most likely to succeed". Following the guidelines passed down from government and its representatives, and unifying as a society in this time of adversity and crisis is the way through (all Saturn). Further, Individually taking care of the immune system and isolating yourself are Saturnian strengths.

It is likely, that through the latter part of March and early to mid April (as Mars moves through the alignment), that we will see a more militant or policed enforcement of the government controls. Extreme measures may be taken that may seem excessive (Jupiter). It is not something to be alarmed about. It is, rather, an extreme measure to gain control (Saturn). The tighter the controls, the more likely it is to be effective at slowing down the destructive force of the virus (Pluto and Jupiter).

By mid April, Mars will have moved well away from the alignment and things will ease off. We are likely to see a result (Saturn) from more serious actions (Mars). Further, the nature of Capricorn is cardinal. Most astrological alignments of a cardinal type pass quickly in their events, and require just one exact alignment for a shift to occur. Pluto and Saturn have had their exact alignment in January. Unlike most conjunctions, they do not form a secondary and third alignment.

However, historically, pandemics can be linked with Pluto and Jupiter conjunctions, rather than Pluto with Saturn. So despite the alignment of four planets, Pluto and Jupiter are the two to watch with regards to the viral indicators. Pluto and Jupiter will make three alignments in 2020. The first was in the last two weeks of March (now), the second will be at the end ofJune/early July, the third will be in November.

Saturn will be more effective when meeting Pluto and Jupiter because it is in a sign that it does well in, over the discomfort that expansive Jupiter experiences in Capricorn. Call me optimistic, but despite these three alignments, I think that Saturn will win over the virus. I think that things will improve faster than we fear and not reach the extremes globally that have been seen so far in Italy. There have been, sadly, many deaths so far. But, relative to historical pandemics which have caused the death of millions, the coronavirus will not reach this level due to greater global controls (Saturn). If there are events later this year, they will have less magnitude. Controls may remain in place, but will be less restrictive. While Saturn does not rejoin Jupiter and Pluto, it does return close enough to keep things in check. By the end of this year, both Jupiter and Saturn move well along into Aquarius and Pluto is left behind. By the time we get to the middle of April, we should be over the peak of the pandemic.

Below is a list of historical pandemics associated with Pluto Jupiter conjunctions, some also involving Saturn. But none of these had Saturn in a conjunction, in its own sign.

HIV/AIDS 2005-2012, at it's peak. In 2007, Pluto was conjunct Jupiter, Pluto was square Saturn in 2009 and 2010. Pluto was square Jupiter in 2011.

The Flu Pandemic of 1968-1969. Pluto was conjunct Jupiter, and Mars was also conjunct by the end of 1968 at the peak of international transmission (as it is now).

The Asian Flu 1956-1958. Pluto was conjunct Jupiter and Square Saturn.

The Flu Pandemic of 1918. Pluto was conjunct Jupiter in Cancer.

The Black Death/ Bubonic Plague (also known as the second pandemic of the Justinian Plague) of 1347. Pluto was conjunct Jupiter in Aries.

Plague of Justinian 541-542. Pluto was square Jupiter.

Take good care of yourselves and those who need care. I hope that these times bring a deep reflection on the connectedness we share as one people on this planet. From this, we can emerge with a deeper (Plutonian) appreciation for the gift of life, good health and a broader perspective (all wonderful Jupiter qualities).

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