Study Astrology

Have You Been Interested in Knowing More But Are Unsure Where To Start To Study Astrology?

If you have been interested in astrology and enjoy the little tidbits you get from the Sunday paper and online then we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you delve deeper into the science of astrology. Here are some frequently asked questions about the study of astrology for anyone considering the path.

  • What is astrology, exactly? Astrology is the study of the earth and the planet's movement and how they relate to and affect life on earth. Astrology does not negate free will in any way, but it does determine certain factors that affect a day, a year, and an individual's life patterns. It can be extremely hard to define, exactly, but the study of astrology is ancient and lifelong if you want to attempt to fully understand the way the universe works and relates to humans.

  • Who can study astrology? Anyone who is interested in learning more about the universe around them and who is willing to dedicate a little of their time in the pursuit of new knowledge. There are no restrictions if you are eager to learn you are welcome to start.

  • Is there a place to effectively study astrology Wanaka? Visit The Planet Mechanic for readings, and classes on astrology in Wanaka. You will discover an effective, interesting, and caring teacher who enjoys teaching others about the ancient practice of studying the maps of the stars.

  • What can I do with the information I learn? The information you learn about patterns, the world, the universe, and your own life can help you make future choices with a broader understanding and view of the future.