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Sousa Jefferson

Sousa is a graduate of Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences. She grew up in West Auckland, New Zealand listening to the Rolling Stones, driving cars now considered classics, and hanging out at Piha Beach with good friends.  At age 20, she embarked on over 15 years of travel to over 30 different countries. Most influential in her life were her travels to Africa, South America and her stay in Argenta, BC, Canada.   During these years, she met key people who changed her life forever.  Inspired by the Tao, Yoga and an earthy respect for mountains and rivers, what emerged from within was a deep understanding of life's experiences.  


In 1996, Sousa's great passion for astrology was ignited when she met Demetra George, world famous astrologer.  She attended numerous conferences in the USA and was fortunate to be able to study with some of the world's leading scholars on the subject, at Kepler College of Astrological Arts & Sciences.  She achieved an Associate of the Arts Degree in the History and Symbolism of Astrology in 2004. In 2014, Sousa also completed a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship with the University of Otago. Sousa has always felt that astrology is something that she is remembering rather than learning for the first time.  


Always a student of astrology, and a keen educator, Sousa loves to teach and write.  From 2011, she became fascinated by the patterns she discovered in synastry - the astrology of relationships. She is currently writing a book on advanced synastry.  If you'd like to know more, please contact Sousa.


Services Offered

Consultations, Teaching, Talks & Reports

Astrological Forecasting

Timing techniques reveal how the planets align now to your natal chart.  The planets are constantly in motion and their movement is predictable. Some transits present challenges, while others present opportunities. Some key cycles occur at around the ages of 29, 37, 42 and 50. Many others are timed according to your own chart.

Electional Astrology

Elections are the fine art of searching the sky throughout a passage of time to find the best possible line up of planets for a particular event.  Weddings, selling a house, entering into a business contract, electing a date for surgery, and numerous other important events can all be 'elected' for an auspicious outcome.

Study Astrology

The Astrology Course is for beginners or those with some prior knowledge of astrology.  Participants study their own chart and those of loved ones.  By the end of the course, participants will know how to read a natal chart and provide some insightful interpretations.  More advanced topics also available.

Astrology Booklets

Astrological Relationship Booklets are a good starting point for exploring the astrology between two people - synastry.  Children's Astrological Booklets are also available, for parents wishing to understand the talents and challenges of their children.


"The truth is rarely pure and never simple" Oscar Wilde

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