The Astrology Cafe

What is the Astrology Cafe?

The Astrology Cafe is a monthly social gathering of people, who have a shared interest in learning astrology in a relaxed and fun environment. No prior knowledge is required. You do not need to come to every session, you can just drop-in. Topics are contained within each meeting. 

Bring your chart, note pad and pen.  Grab yourself a drink and find a seat. A topic of enquiry is presented by Sousa Jefferson - The Planet Mechanic. From there the fun begins, delving into how the topic relates to your astrology chart.  Each gathering runs for about 1.5 hours.


When & Where

Dates are released on Eventbrite. For 2021, the Astrology Cafe is is running in person in Wanaka at The Urban Grind and in Queenstown at The Buzz Stop.  Some sessions will run via Zoom to bring remote groups together.  To be notified of upcoming Astrology Cafe gatherings, the best way is to subscribe and you will receive an email.  Alerts are also posted on facebook.  If you "like" an "follow" the page, you will also see updates on whats happening in the sky. 


Practical Stuff:

You will need to bring your astrology chart.  If you do not have one yet, send me an email to: 

with your name, birth date, birth town/city and country, and a really accurate birth time.  I will send you your chart, 

free of charge.  



Tickets are $18. Please purchase a ticket through Eventbrite.  There are no door sales.