In 2011 we decided to sell our home. It was an old homestead by the sea, beautiful and unique but had numerous alterations. We needed to not only find a buyer, but also one that would accept the house as it was and we wanted the sale to be hassle-free for everyone involved. We enlisted Sousa and told her what was needed for this potential house transaction and she found a date and time that would be suitable for setting a positive course. It was a very small window of time that we had to sign the agreements, and we were surprised at how detailed her prediction about the use of this time was. We got exactly the sale that we hoped for.

In 2018 we were approached to sell our business and given our experience with Sousa in our house sale, we enlisted her services again. Sousa chose a crucial date and time for us to enter into lengthy negotiations which set the tone for the outcome. Sousa’s ability to grasp the big picture, ask the right questions and project different astrological outcomes depending on dates and times is astounding. We recommend using her astrology services which are coupled brilliantly with her mind and intuition. Astrology is a tool that many people overlook in business, when in fact, timing is everything.

Lizzy Marsland

Sousa is a naturally gifted speaker whose passion and knowledge for Astrology shines through when she presents her workshops. Astrology is fascinating and while it can appear a very complex subject, Sousa has the ability to simplify its content and execute her presentations for the complete novice in an easy to understand manner, leaving the audience captivated from the get-go and leaving wanting more.

Chenin Madden, Cre8ing Balance

Connecting with Sousa empowered me to understand the events unfolding before me. Sousa has proven on a number of interactions her natural ability to interpret how the planetary forces intertwine with the events unfolding in my life. I am open until proven otherwise and I have been fascinated countless times as to look back and see how the work Sousa has done has enabled me to have a greater sense of understanding and connection to the forces at play in my world. A force to be reckoned with if you are seeking deeper understanding of your life, the events, connections you have and the path ahead for you.

Alex McCall