2021 following 2020

Welcome to the beginning of 2021. Well, Saturn has broken away from the 2020 destructive and irrevocable landslide that was Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter. Some nations with reasonable relationships with Saturn managed the events to the best of their ability (controls, restrictions, interventions and thus results) while those countries with Saturn problems (political unrest, corruption, lack of controls) are still on the treadmill of getting a grip on things.

What does this year hold for us in the wake of 2020? This year Saturn leave behind Pluto, but encounters a square with Uranus. These two are antagonistic to each other but nudge each other to some reluctant progress forward, with time. One wants the freedom to break out and do some something wild, throwing all caution to the wind in the name of change and to leave situations behind. The other prefers to proceed with caution, to stick with what it knows, remaining pessimistic or conservative to resist the idea of change. Tricky, indeed.

This alignment will be with us throughout 2021, with exact alignments; Feb 18th @ 7 degrees Aquarius/Taurus, June 15th @ 13 Aquarius/Taurus and finally Dec 24th @11 Aquarius/Taurus. So for those of you familiar with your charts, have a look at any point around these degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). If you have something there, expect some turbulence but focus on landing the free fall.

As with any outer planet alignment, there will be faster moving planets that show up on the scene that can add some wind to the prevailing weather pattern. The first of these happens around the first quarter Moon on the 21st of January, when both the Moon and Mars join Uranus and square both Saturn and Jupiter. I know on this date, I won't be planning any sky diving that's for sure. If I find myself agitated about something, I think I will upgrade from Chamomile tea to some white wine to invoke a measure of placidness and even perhaps indulge in a little over eating to satiate the Taurean flavour of this time.

Be careful of being stubborn, rigid or prideful. Find ways to loosen the bonds to these facets of the ego and try to see where you might have organised things that once served you, but that no longer serve you now, or in the future. Make breakthroughs, but tie up the camel. Avoid outright resistance to change, and if it feels more comfortable - try something different with an open mind. You can always go back. But if you don't give things a go, you could find yourself inadvertently feeling flat, isolated and heaven forbid - bored with unrewarding experiences.

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