Dumollett's Nightmare

Here we are again with Mercury appearing to be moving backwards through the sky. Many cringe at the thought and prepare themselves for some kind of mentally challenging seemingly pointless chaos. Perhaps we can dig a little deeper.

It is a period of reviewing, re-thinking, re-calculating, re-scheduling, and sometimes letting go of something we thought we were ready to go forward with. First, we triple check all the details. What are we missing? If things don't stack up in this time period, we may change our minds.

This cycle began with a brief interlude with Venus at the end of May. A generally positive and optimistic mindset will have mixed well with others who share information we've been needing. But this was not a time to act. With a problematic Neptune in the mix, contemplation and more clarity was required. Things look good, they may even look ideal, but are they? What about those fuzzy bits that you may have glazed over? Imagine the future and go gather information and data, look at options, adapt, talk to people who know what you need to know. Does it still stack up? Maybe it stacks up a little differently?

Particularly around the New Moon on the 10th and the Mercury cazimi on the 11th, clarity will be pronounced - hopefully enough to fill in some gaps. A more concrete plan should gather some speed from the 24th June, with some adjustments made. There will still be more to do. But now you can move forward with a clearer idea of where your more well-informed head is at. Photo: Dumollet's Nightmare #mercuryretrograde2021 #Dumollet

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