Astrology Update July 19th: Bold As Brass Needs More Time

This week the Sun does a final opposition to Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto. This might feel like a bit of stage fright. We might feel uncertainty, wavering confidence, or even be met with some authoritative opposition. Conversely, we might assume this role. Communications, negotiations, idea generation and contractual issues remain lively. But there is a need to figure out how to act without rubbing people the wrong way or jumping too quick. By Wednesday the Sun is released into bold as brass Leo, so there is a "we got this" kind of attitude. But the timing is still not quite right. Continue to capture an abundance of ideas generated now. Work through the plan of execution and find forward momentum on a well thought out path. The end of the month looks clearer for being actually ready. Until then, bide your time. If in doubt, always consult your astrologer : )

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